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Very Practical Herpes Cures

Herpes is a nuisance. Thus, you need to prevent or treat the disease using the following practical herpes cures:

  • Moist tea bags can be utilized as well. Astringent has tannins, a healing property, and can be applied to the sore.
  • Melissa or Lemon Balm contains elements that block skin receptors, thus preventing HSV from entering the skin cells: cream, crushed fresh leaves, ointment or essential oil are all helpful. You can also make your own balm via one of the recipes if you know how.
  • Extract of Olive Leaf is a natural antiviral property and has been revealed to have favorable effects.
  • Alkanet, ointment or balm is another antiviral.
  • Licorice root extract has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Studies have shown its effectiveness compared to placebos. Creams are available for prevention of cold sore and can be utilized continuously.

Herpes cure

  • Sunlight appears to activate HSV-1 in a few people. So applying lip sunscreen daily can be helpful.
  • Avoid stress. If you’re undergoing a stressful time, ensure you get sufficient sleep and make sure to make time to chill. Yoga, relaxation and meditation techniques could be worth a try or attempt to unwind in a relaxing bath.
  • Some individuals find it helpful to take a soluble aspirin for several days before a special occasion or whenever it’s important to get rid of cold sores.
  • Acyclovir, an antiviral, can be helpful in a severe or acute attack, but it is worth remembering that it only handles superficial infection, and does not eradicate the virus forever. Try other medications first.

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