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Herpes on Finger? Get Rid of Herpetic Whitlow

Herpetic Whitlow or Herpes on Finger is very painful infection, created by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). The infection may appear in children or adults. Herpes infection around the fingernail, officially called Herpes Whitlow, is characterized by painful blisters around the fingernail.

When patients have cold sores on their body and bite their fingernails, they transfer the virus from the mouth to the finger area. And they end up with Herpetic Whitlow or Herpes on Finger (HSV – 1) infecting the skin cells around the fingernail area.

Occasionally the infection can occur on the toes or the nail cuticle. It can also be caused by HSV – 2 or genital herpes.

HSV – 1 Whitlow is also contracted by health care workers that come in contact with the virus; it is almost commonly contracted by dental workers and medical workers exposed to oral secretions.

Treatment of Herpes Whitlow

The treatment for Herpetic Whitlow is oral Acyclovir or oral Valtrex. The application of these drugs usually prevents the virus from spreading in the infected area. But people a lot of times miss this because herpes infection around the fingernails is usually rare.

But when you do see one, it’s because patients with cold sores infection around the mouth bite the fingernails. It is a painful infection that affects the fingers or thumbs.

Herpes Whitlow as a sign of Herpes

Having cold sores on your fingers is a sign that you have HSV – 1 virus in your system. You need to treat the virus because it can do damage to many internal organs, including the heart. If the HSV – 1 virus has started to cause finger whitlows, it means that it has also started to affect other areas of your body.

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